Thursday, March 31, 2011

Matthew Moore Launches Digital Farm Collective

No, this isn’t the same as Farmville, so don’t send him your chickens or cows. Matt Moore (Steamboat 2008 Residency) has been working on a project called the Digital Farm Collective. You may see a video of the project instead of reading. The Digital Farm Collective is an online database, or living library, that shares footage and philosophies on the growth of our produce collected from farmers all over the nation. Matt would like to invite you to support a project that connects us to our food, the farmers that grow it, and all of us to the land.

The foundation of the Digital Farm Collective will be built by collecting images of the most important daily process of agriculture, the growth of our food. Using time-lapse videos of the lifecycles of plants, along with pointed interviews of farmers who have participated in the project, we will build an online network for people all over the world to explore.

You may help by sending the project page link to friends and family who are interested in our food and its future. Send suggestions of farmers you know who would be interested in participating. Send Matt questions you always wanted to ask a farmer! Which edible plants would you like to see growing? Be a local advocate for this global mission and help get the word out on the Digital Farm Collective. Help change or food system through sharing the story of not only the plants, but of the farmers and families that grow them.

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