Sunday, April 25, 2010

Atomic Circus by Darlene M. Morse

When I walked into the Boulder Center for Conscious Living last evening, I had no idea what to expect. I was there to attend the Atomic Circus Salon Series and on this particular evening the topic was, “Water, Water Everywhere.”

Immediately my eyes were drawn to a frenetic woman with clear goggles perched on her head and a yellow plastic raincoat waving behind her. She was pressing tiny “H” or “O” stickers on everyone’s chest. I then saw the neat rows of chairs set up and facing this audience of chairs were four more with the speaker’s names above them. Below all of these chairs were clear (biodegradable) cups of water. I thought, how nice, they don’t want us to go thirsty.

The small crowd eventually sat down and the goggled woman, who turned out to be poet/teacher Marj Hahne, began the salon session. Since the evening was to be spent discussing the element of water, the first thing we were told to do was “bond” ~ as in finding two Hs and an O (H2O) We did this very well although it turned out that the Hs had to do more work than the Os. All the Os had to do was sit around and wait for some Hs to come along.
After an introductory poem about water read by Marj, the guest presenters and the audience members engaged in a lively discussion. The four represented diverse backgrounds but all concerned water in one way or another.

Greg Cortopassi is a photographer specializing in macro photography called “Facets of Nature.” He found that since water is in constant change that one never sees the exact same beauty twice. Trying to capture that beauty and share it is a labor of love and also of art.

Ross Thomas is a scientist who works in developing analytical methods and instruments for environmental water-monitoring applications. His goal is to work with businesses in order to reuse rather than release huge amounts of water daily in their manufacturing. Using technology available today can save money, save the aquifer, and save the groundwater. He began his own corporation to pursue this called Syntroteck.

Zia Parker’s background is diverse but on this evening it was focused on her work with Agua Alma, a fusion of in-depth aquatic bodywork, Aston-Patterning’s fluid biomechanics and deep ecology that connects us to the planet’s healing life forces. She discussed the fluidity within us and how we need to be aware of it and move in a natural fluid way.

The fourth guest was Greg Hobbs. He is not only a Colorado Supreme Court Justice, but a poet, writer and fisherman. His life is all about exploring water in all of its fantastic cultural and historic forms. He looked very comfortable in his black cowboy boots, turquoise bolo tie and ring. I wondered if he wore those with his judicial robe.

Wow. What an alive group they were. Marj then had us take the water from under our seats and observe it. It was purified water in that it had no pollutants or harmful bacteria in it. It did have minerals and other things associated with good water. We were asked to describe the water; words such as “clear,” “reflecting,” “refreshing,” “life-giving,” “pulsating,” “waves,” “drips,” “drops,” and “quenching” flowed forth. We then got to drink the water. And it tasted very good.

For almost two hours water was explored in all its facets through these four presenters and the audience. Poet Hobbs answered some of his questions by reading a poem; scientist Thomas used his background to give the specifics to the “hard” questions. Photographer Cortopassi responded to the visual qualities of water and the many forms it takes. And Zia Parker expressed the mind/body/earth connections we all have with water both inside of us and outside. Although diverse in approach, the four came together as one by saying that we need to treat water with respect.

I am now ready and looking forward to the next foray into water: the Colorado Art Ranch’s May Artposium, “Wade in the Water.” Greg Hobbs will also be a presenter at this three-day event and will have a greater opportunity to discuss water, read more of his poetry and give us his unique perspective on water rights.

I will never look at a water fountain the same way again. Thanks, Marj, the four presenters and the Atomic Circus Salon Series.