Thursday, March 31, 2011

Artist in Residence Carol Hummel in India

Colorado Art Ranch (Steamboat 2008 Residency) Carol Hummel spent the month of February creating site specific artwork in Bodhgaya, India, with 30 artists from around the world.  Buddha Enlightened - 2 Be challenged the visiting artists to create work commenting on  the concept of world peace.

Carol created 5 artworks during the event.  In Namaste, Bhai! Namaste, Didi!  (Hello, Brother! Hello, Sister!), Carol examines the ties that bind human beings together by hand-making bracelets and gifting them to everyone she meets. World peace, she believes, must begin with personal connections.  She has given out more that 2,800 bracelets in India during the past year.

Best of Luck, Nuclear World builds upon the Indian tradition of wrapping string around Banyan trees to make wishes come true.  Each day, she wrapped the tree in the colors of the flags of the 9 countries that possess nuclear warheads.  As the strings were wrapped, the colors wove together to form a beautiful fabric, an analogy about the hope that by interweaving our cultures, we can create something of beauty instead of destruction.

In No Shadow of a Doubt Carol collaborated with local village woman to crochet a shadow of a tree.  The black shadow seeping from the landscape serves as a reminder that human actions can drain life and vitality from the environment.

The last two projects were dedicated to focusing attention of the importance of water to the future of humanity.

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