Thursday, October 14, 2010

Salida 2010 Residency Deadline

December 15, 2010

May 1-30, 2011 Residency

The deadline for applications is quickly approaching. The time frame had to be moved up because of the new way we doing this residency. After a very successful Artposita at Carpenter Ranch in Hayden, we have decided to give our artists-in-residence (AIR) more exposure. For the Salida 2010 Residency we will be selecting visual and literary artists and scientists whose work relates to the May Artposium theme of Dwellings. The Artposium will examine how we live, why we live that way, what makes a home, architecture and anthropology.

Successful candidates will have public speaking experience and work that relates to dwellings in some way. The AIRs will have an opportunity to present or give a workshop at the Artposium May 27-29, 2011. There will be other speakers included to represent different disciplines.

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