Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colorado Art Ranch Director to Speak in Carlisle, UK

Grant Pound, founder and director of Colorado Art Ranch will speak at symposium in Carlisle, UK on Novembr 11, 2010. The symposium is designed to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges faced by creative enterprises and individual practitioners working outside the metropolis.

Modus Operandi Agrestis discusses rural innovation and models of working creatively outside the metropolis, and will bring together voices and experiences from organizations and individuals who have excelled or thrived outside the habitat of the big cities.

Discussing success and establishing best practice, USP and coping tactics for rural and non-metropolitan areas, this symposium will bring together specialists and practitioners from across the UK from a range of backgrounds, focusing on next step implementation of the creative and digital economy.

Grant’s talk, Miles From Nowhere: Nomadic Arts in the American West, will cover the activities of Colorado Art Ranch, as well as other observations about rural arts in Colorado.

Grant will also be talking to an artists group in Glasgow about artist residencies on the 13th of November.

If you would like a talk in your community email us. grant (at)

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